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  • Member #279197 / about 4 years ago / 1

    What's the distance of the mounting holes? 26.5mm?

  • rbrome / about 5 years ago / 1

    If I want to connect it to a RedBoard or BlackBoard, do I connect (-) to a GND pin and (+) to the 5V pin (to bypass the Arduino power regulator)? If so, will I have any power on the 3V pin?

    What about a Teensy LC? Connect (+) to the 5V pin and (-) to a GND pin, or (+) to VUSB and (-) to GND, below the USB connector?

  • Member #257735 / about 6 years ago / 1

    Is it possible to charge the battery when the switch is ON ? or is tit mandatory to put the switch in OFF position to charge it ?

  • KRSNA / about 6 years ago / 1

    Can we use the booster alone without a battery?

    I tried doing that, though it shows 5V when output is disconnected, it is not able to turn on an Arduino Uno.

    Also can we use this board with Li-Ion batteries ?

  • Member #556686 / about 7 years ago / 1

    i am looking to do similar to gumbergules to combine 2 boards in series to get 10v output. Is it possible to arrange the chargers in series with a single 10v power supply? also if i have 2000mAh bateries is there a setting to get 2000mAh or a similar product that will do it.

  • Is there a way to charge the series multiple charger/booster configuration without disconnecting them? I assume the grounds aren't isolated on the board so you'd have to either provide 10V split between the two USB ports or charge from two isolated 5V outputs, right?

    • Two isolated 5V USB chargers is the way to go. Ours are all isolated, and I haven't come across one yet that isn't. At least here in the US. Note, USB chargers with two USB ports are probably not individually isolated so use two separate supplies.

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