Servo Trigger Programming Guide

Contributors: Byron J.
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The SparkFun Servo Trigger is a useful little board that control hobby servo motors. It comes in both standard and continuous rotation flavors.

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The Servo Trigger was designed to make using servo motors easy, but it may not fit every application. You might need different timing, or different logic that interprets how the input is translated into the motor drive signal. You might even have some idea that doesn't involve servo motors at all!

Since the heart of the Servo Trigger is a microcontroller, the firmware can be reprogrammed. And, because the design is released as Open Source Hardware, the source code is published in the device's GitHub Repository. You're welcome to download and modify it!

This guide applies to both versions of the Servo Trigger. They use identical hardware, but they get loaded with different firmware.

This guide will introduce the tools used to program the Servo Trigger and guide you through the software design. By the end, you'll be able to transmute a regular Servo Trigger into a Continuous Rotation one (or vice versa), or even develop new behaviors from scratch.

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