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    Atmel Studio Tips

    If you accidentally close out the "ServoTrigger" tab, you can open it back up by going to Project>ServoTrigger Properties in the menu and going to Toolchain-> AVR/GNU C Compiler->Symbols so that you can modify the "FSMA" and "FSMB" symbols. To make the .hex file, you would click on the Build>Build Solution . This will compile the code, save the Makefile (if you modified the "FSMA" or "FSMB" symbols), and provide you with the .hex file.

    Command Line to Change FSMA and FSMB

    If you are using a command line to change the FSMA and FSMB symbols, you can find it in this line => .

  • Member #582050 / about 8 years ago / 1

    Could this board be used with an Arduino to trigger its input? How would it be hooked up?

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