Serial Graphic LCD Hookup

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Example 1 - FTDI Basic

Now that we know the commands used to control the LCD, why don't you give it a shot. In this example, you will be using an FTDI Basic to communicate with and control your LCD.

What You Will Need


The simplest and fastest way to connect and print to the LCD is to use an FTDI Basic or FTDI Cable. Using jumper wires, connect the FTDI to the LCD like so...

FTDI Graphic LCD
5V Vin

Once you have the the LCD wired up correctly, plug the FTDI device into your computer. Open a terminal window. Make sure you have the correct settings: Baud: 115200, 8-N-1-NONE. Once you are connected, begin typing. Everything you type should now show up on the LCD! Refer back to the ASCII Commands section to see which keys you need to press to perform specific commands such as clearing the screen, drawing a circle, or printing text to a specific x,y coordinate.

hello world

Talking to the LCD from the computer is fun and all, but the real fun begins when you can print information to the LCD from and embedded device. In the next example, we'll use an Arduino to print information to the LCD.