Raspberry Pi Twitter Monitor

Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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Register Your Twitter App

In order to interact with Twitter (including searching, monitoring, posting, etc.), you will need to register your application. This is accomplished by going to https://dev.twitter.com/.

Click the “Sign In” button at the top-right of the screen and enter your Twitter credentials (you can also sign up if you don’t have a Twitter account).

Sign in to Twitter

Once you have signed in, click on your user icon, and select “My Applications.”

Go to My Applications

Click the “Create a new application” button, and you will be presented with a form to fill out about your application. Fill out the name and description fields. For “Website,” you can put something random, like http://github.com or something else that looks legitimate. At the bottom of the page, click the checkbox to agree to the rules, fill out the Captcha, and click the “Create your Twitter application” button.

Create app

Once completed, you will be presented with a dashboard for your registered application. You need to create an access token, so click the “Create my access token” button at the bottom of the screen.

Create Token

Wait a few seconds and then refresh the page. You should see a section titled “Your access token” at the bottom. Copy down the “Consumer key,” “Consumer secret,” “Access token,” and “Access token secret.” We will need these for our application. Note that we set up this Twitter application as an example. It will have been deleted by the time you read this, so don’t be trying to use our tokens!

Copy access tokens