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  • yanamal / about 6 years ago / 1

    I found these instructions a bit incomplete from the point of view of setting the Pi up via serial.

    Running raspi-config first (as both the pi itself and your tutorial seems to recommend) from a serial terminal doesn't work so well, since that setup program does not have a simple input/output interface but rather tries to have a pseudo-GUI. and also takes input as arrow keys, which at least with my terminal emulator was impossible to provide. I didn't know how to exit out of that short of hard-resetting the Pi, so, uh, that's what I did.

    I didn't have a spare detachable keyboard/mouse/monitor - only a laptop computer to which my Pi is hooked up.

    I ended up doing just the internet configuration from serial; this was also somewhat tricky, since I wasn't sure I'd be able to exit out of nano or any other text editor properly. So I tried doing a cat << EOF thing, but then ran into sudo problems. Which I worked around by first writing the configuration to a file not in /etc/network (no sudo required), and then copying it to the right place with sudo.

    For the rest of the setup, I actually configured VNC for the Pi( and went from there.

  • If your Raspberry Pi's power LED stays off and there is a multi-colored square in the upper right hand corner indicating a power problem, there might be something wrong with your power supply. Try using a different wall wart and ensure that it is 5V/2A.

    There was a case where the measured voltage was correct but the power supply was not providing enough power. Even though the test points at pp1 and pp3 were tested as 5V, they were not able to get their Raspberry Pi 2 to boot up until they used a different power supply.

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