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  • Member #1686721 / last week / 1

    if I remove the while() loop, it seems to process correctly.. like the status is temporary, read once..

  • Member #1686721 / last week / 1

    I am using this on an ESP32 WROOM processor, and getting inconsistant results on

    my code .... startRanging(); delay(5); while(!myImager.isDataReady()){ delay(5); } if (myImager.isDataReady() == true) { if (myImager.getRangingData(&measurementData)) // Read distance data into array { // } }

    i get thru the while loop,, which says data IS ready but the if (myImager.isDataReady() == true) says NOT ready, ever..

    if I comment this out, the readdata works, and presents differing results as an object moves thru the sensor space. as expected the distances reported by the cells are accurate/ (only testing 600-4000mm)

    in looking at the library code, the isReady checks the rc from the ST library function, and if 0 (ok) it then returns the result of if (result == 0) return dataReady != 0;

    I am getting 0 (not true),. so that means dataReady is zero.. I think dataReady is the value described in doc UM2884, page 14 rc 5 is good.. the rest (6 & 9) are suspect at best

  • Member #220843 / about 2 years ago * / 1

    Hey, this is not perfect, but there's a fantastic micropython / circuitpython module by Mark Grosen at

    I had problems using the mini breakout due to having no low-power pin on the breakout, so I forked and fixed the module.

    I added an example file that outputs comma-separated values (suitable for the Sparkfun Visualisation like arduino example 4), designed for the Sparkfun RP2040 connected to Sparkfun Qwiic ToF Mini VL53L5CX breakout (should work on most boards).

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