Comments: Qwiic Flex Glove Controller Hookup Guide


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  • Is there any secret to changing the addresses on these boards( ie an easier way of changing soldering job)? I'm currently trying to change them so i can operate four qwicc flex glove boards at the same time and am having an exceptionally hard time doing so. I'm working on a project that would be using all 8 fingers ( thumbs excluded).

    second question, I have them running off a photon i2c shield board. Do I need to remove all but one set (ie one set of three i2c resistors) on one board?

  • I had problems with many of the example codes when I first got my product. After adjusting the codes, I found the reason. In all the codes, this should be in the if loop:

    (fingerSensor.begin(Wire, 100000, ADS1015_ADDRESS_GND) == false)

    Some of the examples had an extra parameter (like a 9600 at the end), others used ADS1015_ADDRESS_SDA or other incorrect parameters. By using the above if statement, I was able to get the basicReadings and Calibration code to work properly for me.

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