Qwiic EEPROM Hookup Guide

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Arduino Library and Examples

Note: This example assumes you are using the latest version of the Arduino IDE on your desktop. If this is your first time using Arduino, please review our tutorial on installing the Arduino IDE. If you have not previously installed an Arduino library, please check out our installation guide.

We've written a library to easily get setup and read/write data on the SparkFun Qwiic EEPROM Breakout - 512Kbit. You can install this library through the Arduino Library Manager. Search for SparkFun External EEPROM Arduino Library and you should be able to install the latest version. If you prefer manually downloading the libraries from the GitHub repository, you can grab them here:

For more details on this Arduino library and its use, please refer to the Serial EEPROM hookup guide:

Reading and Writing Serial EEPROMs

August 11, 2017

EEPROM is a great way to add extra memory to your microcontroller project. Wait 'til you see how easy it is to use!