Qwiic EEPROM Hookup Guide

Contributors: santaimpersonator, MAKIN-STUFF
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Python Examples

There are several examples written for the Qwiic_EEPROM_Py Python package. They can be found in the Examples folder of the GitHub repository or view on the repository documentation page, hosted on ReadtheDocs. Users can also grab them here, using the link below. (*Please be aware of any package dependencies.):

Example 1 - Basic Read and Write

This example is hosted on ReadtheDocs: Example 1.

write and read data
Write data on and read data from the EEPROM. (Click to enlarge)

In this example, various data types are written to and read from the EEPROM at different memory locations.

Note: When writting data, users need to keep in mind the size of the data and memory available at the specified location. Otherwise, users can accidentally overwrite data already stored in the memory.

More Examples

Users can also check out the more advanced examples below: