Programming the SparkFun Edge with Arduino

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When we released the SparkFun Edge Development Board powered by TensorFlow, we knew that we were releasing it slightly ahead of the software wave that was promised to follow. One of the downsides that people mentioned was the fact that they had to learn a new SDK with which they were completely unfamiliar.

SparkFun Edge Development Board - Apollo3 Blue

SparkFun Edge Development Board - Apollo3 Blue


With the promise it holds, offering AI and machine learning on a board sporting an ARM-Cortex-M4F, a camera connector, dual MEMS microphones, a Qwiic connector, Bluetooth antenna and much more, users were anxious to start experimenting, but not quite as eager to learn a new development environment. So with no small effort from our engineering department, and with help from Pete Warden, Google's lead engineer for TensorFlow Lite and Tiny ML, it is now possible to start programming several experiments using AI and machine learning on the SparkFun Edge board through the familiar Arduino IDE.