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  • Is there some sort of timeout implemented in the STUSB4500? I am using the board to power something that is switched off overnight via a relay controlled from a microcontroller, to the delivery board does not supply any power at least 8 hours. When I reactivates in the morning, the power delivery board is not supplying any power, as soon as I unplug it and reconnect it it starts working again... so it makes me wonder if there is some sort of automatic switch off if there is no power sink after a period of time...

    Anyone knows? Thanks in advance

  • Hola! Why are there no examples for changing profiles on the fly? I tried simply changing the argument in pd.setPdoNumber() but no voltage change on the output. I also tried changing the individual PDO voltages to no avail. Any hopes of an example or a pro tip?

    • The power negotiation only occurs when the Power Delivery board powers up or is reset. The active high reset pin has a 100k pull down resistor. Theoretically, you should be able to connect the reset pin to a GPIO pin of your microcontroller, change the PDO number, and toggle the reset high and then low again, and it will change the voltage.

      During testing this was one of the examples I was planning on including but I ran into a strange issue with the STUSB4500 hardware. As soon as I connect a wire (like the 6in hookup wire) to the reset pin, it would go into reset and stay in reset until disconnected the wire, even though the other side was floating. With a shorter wire (<3in) it doesn't seem to be an issue. I also tried replacing the 100k pull-down resistor with a stronger pull-down like 10k and 1k, but I didn't notice a difference.

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