Pokémon Go Patches with EL Panels

Contributors: Gella
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Project Examples

Here are some examples of the patches used in different ways.

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Team Instinct: We liked this track jacket, but it wasn't iron-friendly, so we sewed the patch on. For the utility belt, we created a backlit pouch so the panel could be removed. The messenger bag has an iron-on patch.

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Team Mystic: A trimmed down panel was installed in this baseball cap. For the messenger bag, iron-on adhesive was applied directly to the canvas bag, then cut on the laser. After cutting, the EL panel was placed underneath and ironed on. The jacket uses a faux leather patch cut on a craft cutting machine and glued on top of the EL panel.

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Team Valor: The leather vest was laser cut and an EL panel was applied underneath with glue instead of ironing on a patch. The messenger bag features a sewn on patch with contrast stitching. The thigh holster uses an iron-on patch.