Pokémon Go Patches with EL Panels

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Here are some suggested materials for completing this project. The list shows a White EL Panel, but feel free to use your color of choice. SparkFun carries Red and Blue panels; we'll also cover creating custom colors using lighting gels or fabric layers (for those of you wanting to make some Team Instinct swag or a Poké Ball).

Additional Materials:

  • Something to put the patch on - a hoodie, jacket, backpack, or hat would work well. The patch should be at least 5"x5" to completely cover the EL panel, so make sure that there is room on your item and that it can be ironed without melting.
  • Iron-on patch fabric - thick enough to block the light from the panels. We recommend denim or twill patches from your local fabric store. You can also create your own using an iron-on adhesive - Heat n' Bond brand works well.
  • Sewing supplies - scissors, thread, needle
  • Soldering iron, solder - to make an optional extension cable
  • Wire strippers - for soldering
  • Heat shrink - to insulate any exposed soldered connections
  • A cutting machine - Silhouette or Cricut personal cutting machines or a laser cutter work well. If you have the patience, hand cutting a stencil with a hobby knife will also work.
  • Iron - small wand-style craft irons work best for this project to get into detailed areas of the fabric without touching the EL panel directly. We are using a Clover Mini Iron in this tutorial.