Pokémon Go Patches with EL Panels

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Adding Extension Cables

The wires on the EL panels are shorter than on EL wire, which can make intuitive placement of the battery pack a bit of a challenge. If you would like to place the EL panel further away from the battery pack, you can cut the wires and solder in additional wire as an extension cable.

CAUTION: Make sure to disconnect the EL panel from the battery back before soldering.

Splicing Wire Extension Cable EL Wire Panel

Prepare the wires for soldering by cutting them halfway between the EL panel connection and the JST connector. Measure two equal lengths of wire to use as the extension wiring, adding additional length for give/tension if needed. We used ribbon cable for this example because it is inexpensive and flexible.

If this is your first time working with wire and soldering, here are some resources:

Strip the ends of all wires, cut some heat shrink and feed over the wire before and away from the soldering area before you begin soldering. The heat shrink will slide over the soldered connection afterward to protect it. Solder the two extension wires to the panel wires.

3rd Hand Wires

After the solder is cool, slide the heat shrink over the connection, and use a heat gun or the edge of the soldering iron to shrink it. If desired, use a large piece of heat shrink over both of the wires for extra insulation and support. Repeat for all four connection points (two ends on each wire).

Heat Shrink Wires 3rd Hand