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  • Member #118354 / about 4 years ago / 2

    This HAT is awesome! I may have missed this in the directions, but I had to run raspi-config and enable SPI. I'm somewhat of a Raspi noob, but figured it out. Maybe that is something new in Buster.?.

    Also, a little bummed that you have to solder the target logic levels. Having those voltage pins sticking up off the board wouldn't be good. So, I see why it was done that way. Maybe just buy a separate HAT for each logic level.

    • Hi 354, Thanks for commenting here. We're glad you are enjoying this HAT. We use a ton of them in production and have seen very little issues over the years. We hope they can last just as long for you!

      Not sure if SPI is enabled on any standard raspi image, but maybe? The quick setup does include enabling SPI, but the list does not have any screen shots or highlights, so I could see how this one step could be overlooked. Sorry about that, but we're glad you were ultimately able to get it working!

      Also, about the jumper... that's a tough call. Because we use these in production, the HAT will spend it's entire life dedicated to one product programming jig (and so, after the initial setup, the logic level should never need to be changed). But we can see now that a slide switch would be much more convenient for most users. We will consider this if/when a revision happens. For now, maybe you could consider picking up a few slide switches and wiring up your own custom selector?

      Thanks again and good luck with your programming!

  • kd7eir / about 3 years ago / 1

    Will this run on a Pi 4?

    • kd7eir / about 3 years ago / 1

      Replying to myself - it works perfectly on a Pi4 B

      • Hi There, Sorry for the delay in my response here, but glad to hear you got it working!

        I see you also posted an issue on the forums about the Pi not finding the boot hex file (even though you had verified it was there and had correct permissions). How did you end up resolving that issue?

        • kd7eir / about 3 years ago / 1

          Oddly, it seems that I was using a batch of bad chips. No idea how that equated to that error, but when I tried a different batch, everything worked.

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