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    Blinking Blue and Not Connecting to your Smartphone?

    via Serial Terminal

    If your Photon is blinking blue and you are not able to connect to the Photon via the smartphone/Particle App, you might want to try manually entering the WiFi credentials with the serial terminal. There was a case where I had to use a serial terminal to set the WiFi credentials manually by following the section "Getting Started: Configuring WiFi with a Serial Terminal" [ ]. It's possible that:

    1.) there was an older firmware on the P1 module that caused issues connecting via the app
    2.) the WiFi credentials were entered incorrectly
    3.) there was another WiFi credential saved on the board somehow

    After entering the credentials, I had to hit the reset button on the Photon. The P1 modules should update the firmware after uploading new code. If you happen to see this happening on your RedBoard Photon and you switch the WiFi networks, you might want to try to use a serial terminal to change the WiFi credentials.

    By manually entering the WiFi credentials through a serial terminal, I was able to connect my smartphone to the Particle Photon using the Particle App.

    via "MODE" Button

    You can also hold the MODE button down for 10 seconds and it will erase the WiFi credentials on the RedBoard Photon. For the Particle Photon, the "Mode" button is referred to as the "SETUP" button => .

  • Member #757264 / about 9 years ago / 2

    I cannot hook up my photon redboard by using the Particle App. I get to step 5 in "Getting Started", "Configuring WiFi with the Particle App". The error message reads "Setup process couldn't claim your Photon! If the Photon LED is blinking blue or green then you may have mistyped the Wi-Fi credentials and you should try setup again. If the LED is breathing cyan a server issue may have occurred - please contact support." The RGB light is solid green after I push the "reset" button after I enter in my WiFi credentials and connect to Wi-Fi network. I get 4 check marks, 1 for each of 1) Configuring device Wi-Fi credentials, 2) Connecting to Wi-Fi network, 3) Waiting for device cloud connection, and 4) Checking for internet connectivity, and then it fails at 5) "Verifying product ownership". Please help!!!

  • Member #887327 / about 8 years ago / 1

    Hi! I am having an issue hooking up my Sparkfun Photon Redboard to WiFi. It doesn't show up when I go to settings on my phone even though the D7 blinks blue.I took a course over the summer with this at a college and we hooked it up in a different way. I don't know/forgot how to do it that way on my computer. Please help me or guide me through figuring out this connectivity problem!!!!

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