Mini FET Shield Hookup Guide

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I Shall Call Him... Mini Me

The Mini FET Shield is an amazing little shield designed for the Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V 8MHz. If you’ve been using Arduino for some time, you may have noticed that one of the major limitations of the Arduino’s digital I/O is the amount of current it can provide on each pin, which is about 40mA. That’s enough current to light up a few LEDs or spin small DC motors, but to truly unleash your inner maker, you’re going to need more juice to drive those really big projects.

Mini FET Shield

Covered in this Tutorial

In this hookup guide, we’ll go over how the Mini FET Shield functions, discuss some of the different ways you can assemble the shield, and break down some Arduino code to get you started using higher current peripherals on your mobile Arduino projects.

Required Materials

In order to use the Mini FET Shield, you will need an Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V 8MHz. Please note that shield only works with the 3.3V version of the Pro Mini and NOT the 5V version.

There will be various other parts listed throughout the tutorial. Each use case for the Mini FET Shield is unique, so all of the parts in this tutorial are merely used to demonstrate the shield’s functionality and are by no means required.

Suggested Reading

Before you begin, make sure you are familiar with all these concepts and skills.