MetaWatch Teardown and Arduino Hookup

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Resources and Going Further

Because MetaWatch is open-source, there’s a wealth of information out there:

If you’ve got some MSP430-development chops, try customizing the watch’s firmware. We’ve found one such project here, which looks pretty neat.

Going Further

  • Leap Motion Teardown – If you’re still on a teardowns kick, check out what we found inside the Leap Motion.
  • Using the OpenSegment – If the Watch has you inspired to make one of your own, the OpenSegment might be all you need to control a 4-digit 7-segment display.
  • Serial 7-Segment Hookup Guide – The S7S is a smaller version of the OpenSegment.
  • Connecting Arduino to Processing – Instead of using the clunky Serial Monitor interface, you could create a nice GUI to interface with your Arduino from Processing!