MetaWatch Teardown and Arduino Hookup

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The MetaWatch is a new open-source entry into the latest "Smart Watch" craze. It's a digital watch with a microprocessor and Bluetooth controller built in. It can interface with your smartphone to display stuff like weather forecasts, emails alerts, meeting notifications, or what music is playing (oh, and the time and date too).

SparkFun has a Developer's Kit of the MetaWatch in black and white, which includes the watch, a programmer/charging clip, and a license to use TI's Code Composer Studio.

MetaWatch strapped to a hand

The MetaWatch's standard use case is certainly very cool. Having notifications, weather, and music updates visible on your wrist is another step towards the future! But what else can we do with this hackable little device? In this tutorial, we'll go over some basics of the MetaWatch. Then we'll tear it down, and look at its guts! Then we'll put it back together and try to control it with...what Arduino.

A look ahead at Arduino hookup and teardown

Required Materials

The Arduino portion of this tutorial will combine an Arduino board with a Bluetooth module.

  • The Arduino Board can be any Arduino-compatible board -- RedBoard, Uno, Pro Mini etc.
  • The BlueSMiRF Silver is used to serve as a bluetooth interface between Arduino and MetaWatch.
  • You'll also need to solder wires or headers to the BlueSMiRF in order to get it connected to the Arduino.

Of course, you'll also need a MetaWatch in the style/color of your preference (White FRAME or Black FRAME).

Suggested Reading

If you're only interested in checking out the MetaWatch use tips, or teardown, please go right ahead. If you want to control it with an Arduino/BlueSMiRF combo, consider reading some of these tutorials before proceeding: