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  • Updated Example Code

    The VU meter used in this tutorial has been updated. The preValue is initialized at the top as a global variable since we want to compare the previous VU value. Otherwise, the previous value will constantly be set to "0" when the VUMeter() function is called. As a result of the value being "0", the while loop after // Only print the volume unit value if it changes from previous value does nothing.

    Resources and Going Further

    Sonic Control Using Filters

    For sensing certain frequencies, you could use the MEMS microphone with a filter circuit. Here's a good tutorial on filtering out a certain frequency with a bandpass filter =>

  • Member #1482487 / about 5 years ago / 0

    I'm trying to use this microphone to create dancing leds. For this I am using a Tiva C microcontroller, but I am not sure if I have to add additional libraries since the code is not the same as it would be for an arduino

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