Making Music with the FreeSoC2

Contributors: Nick Poole
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The FreeSoC2 is an excellent platform for playing with the capabilities of Cypress PSoC devices. I had never touched a PSoC before this project, so I wasn't sure exactly what I was getting into. Turns out, they're a pleasure to work with. Whenever I get a chance to play with a new technology, I like to build a simple musical instrument. Why? Because even the most basic keyboard synthesizer incorporates important concepts like pushbutton input and output, signal generation, signal switching and timing. Building this keyboard gave me a pretty good window into the FreeSoC2 and helped me get a hang of using the PSoC Creator software.

FreeSoC Keyboard

Materials Required

To follow along with this tutorial, you will need the following:

Suggested Reading

Before you embark on this build, it's a good idea to check out this FreeSoC2 Introduction so you have some familiarity with the hardware. Here some other tutorials you may find handy: