MaKey MaKey Advanced Guide

Contributors: Jimb0


Installing the Arduino Addon

Before you can program the MaKey MaKey using Arduino, you need to download and install the Arduino IDE (integrated development environment). Check out our Installing Arduino IDE tutorial for help with that. From there you can access the Arduino application by double-clicking (using the MaKey MaKey!?) the Arduino application.

Adding the Addon

The MaKey MaKey addon for Arduino adds an entry to the Arduino “Boards” list tailored to the MaKey MaKey. Click the link below to download the addon.

Download the Addon

The download is a zip file, which includes a directory named “hardware”. Unzip the hardware folder into your Arduino sketchbook. Where’s your Arduino sketchbook? Well, by default, it should be an “Arduino” folder in your home directory, but to double-check you can go to File > Preferences within Arduino and see the Sketchbook location text box. Just make sure you close all Arduino windows once you’re done.

Sketchbook location

After you’ve unzipped the addon, your directory structure should look a little something like this:

Addon directory structure

Make sure any existing Arduino windows are closed (if you’ve opened any), and open up a new Arduino window. Let’s do some programming!

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