Loading Debian (Ubilinux) on the Edison

Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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Add Some Security

By default, Ubilinux gives you access to the root account and a user account called "edison." This is a great starting point, as it allows you to do anything in the operating system. However, it is not secure. If someone finds out the IP address of the Edison, they could log in with the default username and password.

One of the easiest fixes for improving security is to create a unique user account, change the edison user password (or delete the whole account!), and change the root password. You can skip creating a new user if you like, but it is still highly recommended that you change passwords for both root and edison.

If you are logged in on the "edison" account, run:


At the login screen, log back in using the root account:

ubilinux login: root
Password: edison

Create a New User

Choose a username for your new account and think of a memorable password. Run the command:

adduser --ingroup users <USERNAME>

You will be prompted to enter your password twice and asked for some identifying information. Feel free to fill them in or hit 'enter' to accept the default of blank (no information). Type 'y' and press 'enter' when prompted about the information being correct.

Adding a user in ubilinux

Change the "edison" Account

It is advisable that you either remove the "edison" account or at least change the password.

Change Password

If you want to keep the "edison" account, then you should consider changing the password to something more secure:

passwd edison

You will be prompted to enter the new password twice.

Remove Account

The better option is to remove the account altogether, as guessing a non-default username is more difficult. While logged in as root, enter:

deluser --remove-home edison

Change root Password

The last step is changing the default root password. This is crucial in preventing unauthorized people from easily signing in to your Edison with root access. While logged in as root, run the command:


You will be prompted to enter the new password twice.