LilyPad Buzzer Hookup Guide

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The LilyPad Buzzer lets you create different noises using code when attached to a LilyPad Arduino. Send the buzzer a series of tones, and you can make musical melodies, special effect sounds, alarms, and more. This buzzer isn't very loud, but will be audible in close range to your projects. In this tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to hook up to a LilyPad Arduino and how to use the tone() function in Arduino to make sounds.

The LilyPad Buzzer is different than a speaker that plays audio, if you are looking to make a project that loads and plays music, we recommend the LilyPad MP3.

LilyPad Buzzer

LilyPad Buzzer


To follow along with the code examples, we recommend:

Suggested Reading

To add this component to a project, you should be comfortable sewing with conductive thread and uploading code to your LilyPad Arduino. Here are some tutorials to review before working with the buzzer: