Lessons in Algorithms

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Earlier this year, Nathan Seidle, founder of SparkFun, created the Crowdsourcing Algorithms Challenge (aka, the Speed Bag Challenge). After numerous fantastic entries, one was chosen. The winner, Barry Hannigan, was asked to write up his process involved in solving this problem. This article is Barry Hannigan’s winning approach to solving real-world problems, even when the problem is not tangibly in front of you.

Firmware Resources

You can view Barry’s code by clicking the link below.

Barry's Speed Bag Challenge GitHub Repo

As the winner of Nate’s Speed Bag Challenge, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Nate at SparkFun’s headquarters in Boulder, CO. During our discussions, we thought it would be a good idea to create a tutorial describing how to go about solving a complex problem in an extremely short amount of time. While I’ll discuss specifics to this project, my hope is that you’ll be able to apply the thought process to your future projects—big or small.