Heating Pad Hand Warmer Blanket

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What are heating pads good for?

Heating Pad

There are a lot of great projects you can use heating pads in, ranging from warming gloves, slippers, a blanket, or anything you want to keep nice and warm. Got a beard mask you want to make toasty? Do beards need to be warmer? Not sure. Would it be a fun project? Definitely.

What parts should you consider getting for your project? You can go as simple as getting the appropriate power supply and a heating pad. One heating pad is rated for 5V, and draws about 600mA.

Part list for a basic setup:
Pick an appropriate power supply (there are tons of options available):
Wall Adapter Power Supply- TOL-08269
Heating Pad COM-11289 or COM-11288
Connector for your power supply (again, tons of options available): DC Barrel Jack Adapter - Male PRT-10287
Hook-up wire

If you want to add a form of logic or control to your circuit, such as interfacing with sensors, the easiest way is to add a microcontroller/development board to your project.

Please note: Make sure when using heatpads, not to leave unattended!

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