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Contributors: Carlos E. Mello
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The brains of the project go into a Flanged Red Enclosure. The Redboard and LCD are mounted on the enclosure's lid, leaving lots of room for the future installation of the Raspberry Pi and sound shield, for audio processing. A few openings on the right side of the box expose the MIDI connector and the USB and power connectors from the Redboard. On the other side the box receives all the wires from the sensors.

SparkFun Red enclosure

In general, when mounting a project like this in place, I prefer not to use breadboards, but rather plug the pins directly into the Arduino. However, since every component in this project requires power and ground, I needed somewhere to plug all these pins. The solution was to strip the power rails off a small breadboard and stick them to the box's lid. This left me with lots of power/ground attaching points, without wasting much space. Another trick helped to keep the wire mess to a minimum. All the wires were color-coded and grouped together with heat shrink tubing.

Insides of the enclosure

And here is the finished product...

alt text