FLIR Lepton Hookup Guide

Contributors: Nick Poole
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When our team found out that we’d be testing a Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) camera, there were two words that we couldn’t stop saying: Predator Vision. That’s right, we were finally going to be able to see the invisible world of heat, which would aid us greatly if we ever found ourselves hunting a team of special operatives in a remote jungle… or, you know, trying not to scald ourselves on a hot cup of tea.

As it happens, the FLIR Lepton is an excellent little module for the price and Pure Engineering has done a bang up job spinning the breakout board and documentation.

FLiR Dev Kit


There are, however, a few minor “gotchas” in the setup process and so we figured it was best if we shared what we learned in playing with this thing.

But first… A bit of theory…

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