ELastoLite Hookup Guide

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Introduction to ELastoLite

ELastoLite Lamp and Inverter

In this tutorial, we will be discussing ELastoLite EL Lamps from Oryon Technologies, and we will be showing you how to connect a single ELastoLite lamp to a single inverter. ELastoLite is desirable for use in E-textiles and wearable applications due to it’s waterproof outer covering and extreme flexibility. In addition, the circuitry is contained in an iron on casing that allows you to attach it to the inside of the garment or material eliminating free floating wires that can become disconnected easily or are just all around an inconvenience. It is imperative that you read this whole tutorial before attempting to add ELastolite to your garments as the process is not as straight forward as it seems, and there is lots of room for irreversible mistakes.

Now, you’re probably reading this tutorial because you’re confused about which parts you’ll need for your project. We didn’t put together a kit for ELastoLite because the parts needed will vary so much that a standard starter kit would benefit very few people. This tutorial aims to help you decide which parts you’ll need and how to connect them all.

NOTE: ELastoLite runs off of AC, similer to EL wire, and it can give you a slight shock if not handled properly. Please handle ELatsoLite panels, connectors, and inverters with care.

You Will Learn

Topics covered in this tutorial include:

  • Plotting your design
  • Choosing the correct parts
  • Assembly techniques
  • Proper care.

There will be a small amount of math, but I promise, we will make it as easy as possible. We understand not everyone likes math as much as us.

Suggested Reading

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