Comments: Efficient Arduino Programming with Arduino CLI and Visual Studio Code


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  • FYI, the "includePath" inside of your c_cpp_properties.json file has 'Arduino' spelled incorrectly once (look for 'Arduion').

  • Well I'm trying to compile a sketch for a redboard, but cli can't find the board. If I do "arduino-cli core search sparkfun", nothing is found. I have the redboard installed and my sketch compiles with the arduino IDE. Any ideas?

    • As the RedBoard doesn't have a unique USB VID/PID (just uses the standard FTDI ID's), I'm not sure the board manager will be able to find it.

      I was using a RedBoard during the duration of writing this tutorial, though. You should be able to use an Arduino Uno (arduino:avr:uno) as a substitute for it.

      • Actually a little googling and it looks like I have a common problem that's been fixed but not released yet. Several of the commands have a runtime error. I was using a W7 PC, going to try W10 now and see if it's any better.

        Update: W10 has the same issues. Also tried the uno board with the same results. I guess I'll wait for the next release of the cli tool.

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