Digital Temperature Sensor Breakout - AS6212 (Qwiic) Hookup Guide

Contributors: QCPete, El Duderino
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Device Not Initializing

The examples from both the Arduino library and Python module print out:

"AS6212 Qwiic failed to respond. Please check wiring and possibly the I2C address. Freezing..."

If you see this, double-check the connections to the breakout and make sure if the I2C address has been changed to adjust the appropriate line to start communication with the AS6212 at the correct address as demonstrated below:

sensor.begin(NEW ADDRESS HERE)
myTempSensor = qwiic_as6212.QwiicAs6212Sensor(NEW ADDRESS HERE)

THigh and TLow Temperature Resolution

As mentioned in the Arduino Examples section, some users may notice the value printed for the THigh and TLow by the code do not exactly match the value set in the setTHighF/C or setTLowF/C functions. This is due to the resolution of the registers controlling those thresholds so the code sets it to the closest "step" on that resolution. For more information on these registers, refer to section 6.2.9 in the AS6212 Datasheet.

CONFIG Register Settings

Reminder, any changes to the CONFIG register such as changing the alert pin from Comparator mode to Interrupt mode, conversion cycle time, consecutive faults, etc. remain through power cycles. Users need to either manually set these to their desired settings or, in the case of the Arduino library, use the setDefaultSettings(); function to return the settings back to default.

General Troubleshooting and Technical Assistance