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  • Hi, I am looking for the 2 pin jst to 3.5mm mount pictured in the penultimate image under the connector terminology. I cant seem to find any websites that sell this piece I have been searching along the lines of 2 pin jst-ph to 3.5mm adapter, but I can't seem to find the mount pictured in your guide. Could someone send me a link to a website that sells these or tell me what I should be searching for? Thx

    EDIT: has it but i cant seem to order. EDIT2: Ok its a 2pin to dc connector which makes sense as the 2pin is power. So now im wondering how a speaker i own uses this connector. EDIT3: Ok ive double checked and the speaker is using this connector, im supposing for power only, the speaker is being used for a radio so maybe there is a chip built into the speaker that then picks up the radio, im very confused.

  • I love the article. Might be useful to add the newer USB-C connectors to this tutorial as well!

  • How about a section on how to assemble/solder up some of the common connectors? A lot of the time they don't come with any instruction and I have seen them assembled in a few different ways. Also what crimping tool, if any, is needed and how to use it correctly.

    • Not a bad idea; we've talked about having an "engineering tricks" tutorial that includes things like that. Maybe we'll get to it in the New Year!

      • That would be great! Perhaps you could also add something about when and where you should connect shield pins/tabs on different connectors; I know I usually end up just letting them float as I'm never sure when to connect them up or not.

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