Choosing a LilyPad Arduino for Your Project

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You are ready for your first programmed LilyPad project, but which LilyPad Arduino do you choose? In this guide, we'll go over the features of each of the Arduinos in the LilyPad line and their strengths and weaknesses.

LilyPad Arduino Boards

We've put together a quick feature comparison chart below. For more detailed technical specs, check out our Arduino Comparison Guide for LilyPad.
BoardMicrocontrollerDigital I/O PinsAnalog Input PinsProgramming InterfaceBattery Attachment
LilyPad Arduino Simple ATMega32894FTDIJST Connector
LilyPad Arduino USB ATmega32U494USBJST Connector
LilyPad Arduino SimpleSnap ATMega32894FTDIBuilt in LiPo
LilyPad USB Plus ATMega32U4107FTDIBuilt in LiPo
LilyPad Arduino 328 Main Board ATMega328146FTDISew Tabs

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