CCS811 Air Quality Breakout Hookup Guide

Contributors: MTaylor
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Hardware Assembly

Attach Headers

To prepare the sensor for the examples, attach seven pins from a Break Away Header to the through holes. Even though we only need the four I2C pins, we'll populate all of them for this guide in case we want to try them out.

alt text

Place the strip of seven pins in a breadboard.

alt text

Solder a single pin and then check that the board is square to the pins.

alt text

Solder the remaining pins.

Attach NTC thermistor (Optional)

If you would like to use a thermistor to compensate for temperature, solder in a 10K Thermistor (Vishay part number NTCLE100E3103JB0).

alt text

Attaching an NTC thermistor

Example Assemblies

You're ready to start communicating with the CCS811! Here's an example with the NTC Thermistor populated, and one using right-angle headers instead.

alt text