Comments: CCS811 Air Quality Breakout Hookup Guide


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  • Warning: Use the 1.0.0 version of the CCS811 library if you are using an Arduino Uno. Version 1.0.1 does not function properly Also, it makes a high pitch noise whenever it runs. Its kind of annoying.

  • I tried CCS811 library with Arduino Uno and Mega and it works fine, but I tried it with ESP8266 Thing but it does not work. Any reason why it should not work?

  • Hi - Just a small typo I noticed in the first loop() example code

    void loop()
      if (myCCS811.dataAvailable())
        int tempCO2 = myCCS811.getCO2();
        int tempVOC = myCCS811.getTVOC(); // <---- TYPO corrected here getTVOC() instead of gettVOC()
      else if (myCCS811.checkForStatusError())
      delay(1000); //Wait for next reading

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