Building the HUB-ee Buggy

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Contributors: Nick Poole
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OMG Robots!

Everybody loves robots! (Well, except for Sarah Connor.) They come in all shapes and sizes: from small to large; simple to complex. As hobbyists, we're often drawn to more complex robots, but sometimes a simple design is more fun.

Case in point: The HUB-ee Buggy


The HUB-ee Buggy robot is a simple two-wheel, object-avoiding robot based on the HUB-ee wheel system. HUB-ee wheels make it possible to build a wheeled robot chassis in a snap by combining the wheel, motor, and driver into a single package. Just bolt a pair of HUB-ee wheels onto a microcontroller, and you've basically made yourself a little robot. That's essentially what we're doing here.

This is an awesome project for starting out with robotics, because it's easy to go from a pile of parts to a rolling robot which can easily be expanded with more sensors, wheels, or complex control code as you learn and progress.

Let's see what we need to get started...

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