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  • Hi Everyone,

    The code posted on the tutorial didn't work for me, the analogue pin for the IR detector wasn't evaluated because sharpIR (A4) is always equal to the pin value register.

    I have changed the line

    while(sharpIR < tooClose){

    while(analogRead(sharpIR) < tooClose){

    and it worked like a charm.

    Thanks for the tutorial, it really helped me to understand that we can build small funny robot with few components.

  • This is actually pretty darn slick!

    I have had some ideas about interfacing an Arduino with a 3-axis gyro board and needed an application to use as a "proof of concept" of my design thoughts. This sounds like just want the Dr. ordered! If I do this right, I should be able to take the gyro board, add (ahem!) "just a wee bit of code" and make it self-stabilizing without needing the standoffs, sort of like a miniature Segway. Of course, if anyone wants to beat me to it - and post code & video - go right ahead! Seriously, it would be very interesting to see the different ways a project like this could be implemented.

    Thanks for a VERY interesting product idea!

    Jim (JR)

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