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Resources and Going Further

Binary is the building block of all computations, calculations, and operations in electronics. So there are many places to go from here.

Are you interested in learning more about binary, and other important numeral systems?

  • Binary Blaster Hookup Guide -- If you're looking to practice your binary conversions, the Binary Blaster Kit can be a great help. This is a soldering kit. Once you've put it together, use it to test your knowledge of how binary, hex, and decimal are related.
  • Hexadecimal - Learn about this base-16 numeral system and how it relates to binary and decimal.

Now that you can convert between decimal and binary, you can apply that knowledge to understanding how characters are encoded universally:

Or you can apply your shiny new knowledge to low-level circuits and IC's:

You can also have a look at how binary plays an important role in this communication protocols: