Bark Back Interactive Pet Monitor

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Hardware Hookup

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Hooking the Pi up to the other hardware. Click on the wiring diagram for a closer look.

Here's the Raspberry Pi 2 (and 3) Model B pinout diagram:

1. Connect the MCP3002 to the Raspberry Pi.

MCP3002 Close up

Close-up of the MCP3002

There are four SPI pins for SPI communication: Serial Clock ("SCL"), Master Input Slave Output ("MISO"), Master Output Slave Input ("MOSI") and Chip Select ("CS"). These pins correspond to Raspberry Pi GPIO pin 11 (SCLK), GPIO pin 9 (MISO), GPIO pin 10 (MOSI) and GPIO pin 8 (CE0), respectively.

Here's the MCP302 pinout diagram:

alt text

Make the following connections with MCP3002 pins:

  • Connect pin 1 to Raspberry Pi GPIO pin 8 (CE0)
  • Connect pin 2 to the analog output of the MEMS Microphone breakout board
  • Connect pin 4 to GND
  • Connect pin 5 to Raspberry Pi GPIO pin 10 (MOSI)
  • Connect pin 6 to Raspberry Pi GPIO pin 9 (MISO)
  • Connect pin 7 to Raspberry Pi GPIO pin 11 (SCLK)
  • Connect pin 8 to Raspberry Pi 3.3V out

2. Solder wires to the MEMS Microphone breakout board. Connect to MCP3002 and Raspberry Pi.

alt text

  • Connect Vcc to Raspberry Pi 3.3V.
  • Connect GND to Raspberry Pi GND
  • Connect AUD to MCP3002 Pin 2