APDS-9960 RGB and Gesture Sensor Hookup Guide

Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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Arduino Library Installation

To use the APDS-9960, you will need some supporting software. If you are using an Arduino, then you are in luck! We created an Arduino library that makes the APDS-9960 easy to use. Click the button below to download the latest version of the APDS-9960 breakout board project, which includes the Arduino library.

Unzip the downloaded file and navigate to \\APDS-9960_RGB_and_Gesture_Sensor-master\APDS-9960_RGB_and_Gesture_Sensor-master\Libraries.

Install APDS-9960 Arduino Library

Note: the directory names in this picture have changed slightly since the Arduino 1.6.3 update.

Follow this guide on installing Arduino libraries to install the files within the SparkFun_APDS9960 directory as an Arduino library.