Vox Imperium: Stormtrooper Voice Changer

Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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Hardware Hookup

Prep Connectors

Note: This part is optional if you do not plan to connect things to a breadboard. Skip to the Fritzing section to see how to wire things up if you plan to put the components directly into a helmet without headers.

To start, solder headers onto the Teensy and Prop Shield. You'll also want to solder female headers to the edge pins on the Teensy, the edge pins on the Prop Shield, and the Prop Shield's audio out port.

Headers on Teensy and Prop Shield

Cut and strip six lengths of wire, each about 6 inches long. Solder them to the speakers (note that you'll need to splice two wires to one for each positive and negative terminal).

Wires on the speakers

Fritzing Wire Diagram

Connect the components as shown in the breadboard. Follow the wires if you plan to put this into a helmet.

Note: You can also stack the Teensy on top of the Prop Shield and solder header pins between them. The wiring diagram is meant to show which connections are needed if you plan to wire them separately.

Vox Imperium Fritzing wiring diagram

Having a hard time seeing the circuit? Click on the wiring diagram for a closer look.