Using pcDuino's WiFi Dongle With the Pi

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This quick tutorial aims to show you the steps required to set up the pcDuino WiFi Dongle with everyone’s favorite fiberglass-flavored development board: the Raspberry Pi (model B or model A).

Raspberyy Pi & WiFi Adapter

This WiFi dongle is a cheap solution to adding network connectivity to your Pi, if you don’t have Ethernet nearby. It’s easy to set up, once you get the hang of editting text files and typing Linux commands. It’s not quite plug-and-play-easy, but it’s easy enough.

Required Materials

Suggested Reading

This tutorial assumes you have Raspbian installed on your Pi. If you haven’t gotten that far, head over to our Setting Up Raspbian tutorial first.

This tutorial is all terminal based. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get the GUI-based WiFi Config utility to work. So flex your typing fingers and/or prepare to copy/paste a lot of command lines!