SparkFun USB UART Breakout (CY7C65213) Hookup Guide

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The CY7C65213 USB to UART serial breakout is designed to provide users with a means to access all available I/O pins on the CY7C65213 part and to provide a 6-pin UART header that is compatible with other SparkFun breakout boards. This tutorial will explain the use of the board in greater detail.

SparkFun USB UART Serial Breakout - CY7C65213

SparkFun USB UART Serial Breakout - CY7C65213


We will explain the layout of the board, proper usage of the jumpers on the board to change the I/O voltage, and use of the Cypress configuration application to change default settings on the board to meet your own needs.

As we work through the Hookup Guide, you may find it useful to have the CY7C65213 USB to UART Datasheet on hand.

CY7C65213 USB to UART Datasheet

Suggested Reading

At a minimum, you should be familiar with asynchronous serial communication, as that is the central function of this chip. You should also have some idea of what we mean when we talk about different logic levels, or voltages, so you know when to change the logic level for your board.