SparkFun LED Array (8x7) Hookup Guide

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The LED Array (8x7) is a set of 56 LEDs arranged in a nice 8x7 grid. It relies on Charlieplexing to control individual LEDs, which means less GPIO pins are used (as opposed to a traditional grid format). This guide will walk you through connecting the LED array and using some code examples to make those LEDs light up. We even wrote a library to help you display some simple graphics and scrolling text!

IMPORTANT: For the time being, the library for this board only supports ATmega 168 and 328-based Arduinos (e.g. UNO, RedBoard, Pro, Pro Mini, etc.). You can still use the LED Array board with other platforms, just not the library.

Charlieplexed 8x7 LED Array

Required Materials

To follow along with this guide, you will need the following additional parts:

Suggested Reading

If any of these subjects sound unfamiliar, considering reading the following tutorials before continuing on.