SparkFun LED Array (8x7) Hookup Guide

Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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The LED Array (8x7) is a set of 56 LEDs arranged in a nice 8x7 grid. It relies on Charlieplexing to control individual LEDs, which means less GPIO pins are used (as opposed to a traditional grid format). This guide will walk you through connecting the LED array and using some code examples to make those LEDs light up. We even wrote a library to help you display some simple graphics and scrolling text!

IMPORTANT: For the time being, the library for this board only supports ATmega 168 and 328-based Arduinos (e.g. UNO, RedBoard, Pro, Pro Mini, etc.). You can still use the LED Array board with other platforms, just not the library.

SparkFun LED Array - 8x7

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