SparkFun Blocks for Intel® Edison - UART Block

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Using the UART Block

To use the UART Block, attach an Intel Edison to the back of the board or add it to your current stack. Blocks can be stacked without hardware, but it leaves the expansion connectors unprotected from mechanical stress.

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UART Block Installed

We have a nice Hardware Pack available that gives enough hardware to secure three blocks and an Edison.

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Using the Block in the Middle of a Stack

If you need to use the UART block in the middle of a stack, it may be necessary to file or sand the FTDI connector. The connector is slightly larger than the 3mm clearance allowed by the expansion connectors. It is preferred that the user place this Block a the bottom of a stack.

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File or Sand the Connector Here

Using the Block with our FTDI Accessories.

The UART Block can be used with our 5V FTDI Basic.

alt text

FTDI 5V Basic Installed

Connecting to the Console

Once you have connected your hardware to your UART -> Serial device of choice, plug the USB side of the device into the USB port on your computer. If you do not have FTDI drivers currently installed, you'll need to download and install them before using your Edison. Visit our tutorial for instructions on how to install the drivers. After you have ensured that the drivers are installed and your device is running, open your favorite terminal program and point it to the USB-serial connection. We have another tutorial to explain terminal programs and how to use them.

The standard Baud Rate is 115200bps.

Once a terminal is active you are ready to explore!

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Using the Power Button

The power button on the Edison brings a unique feature commonly not found on single board computers. The power button behaves much like the power buttons on desktop and laptop computers.

  • While powered, Holding the power button for ~10 seconds will power down the Edison.
  • While un-powered, pressing the power button momentarily will reboot the Edison.
  • While powered, pressing the power button momentarily will place the Edison in sleep mode.
  • While in sleep mode, pressing the power button momentarily will wake the Edison.