Comments: SparkFun Blocks for Intel® Edison - OLED Block


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  • I loaded debian per the sparkfun tutorial on my edison. However when running the pong example it renders extremely slow. It works, just takes 2-3 seconds per frame. Is this something different with debian?

  • If you want to write a node app that uses the OLED block you can use this node addon I wrote. It is a wrapper for the classes that SparkFun published.



  • Why no Arduino code for the OLED block? I would like to display data acquired through the I2C bus with the Edison. Yes, I suppose I could do this with C++, but I already know and use the Arduino IDE.

  • Is there a library to use this Oled block from Arduino sketches? Pong game works great inside the Yocto world though.

  • I have same problem with #484871. I am using ubilunux for my edison. Other examples like Dual H-Bridge board worked nicely.

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