SparkFun Blocks for Intel® Edison - microSD Block

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The microSd Block is a great way to store larger files and data for or from your project. The microSD block allows the Edison to mount a microSD card as an internal drive. Make a data logger or mobile file server with your Edison!

microSD Block

microSD Block

Suggested Reading

If you are unfamiliar with Blocks, take a look at the General Guide to Sparkfun Blocks for Intel Edison.

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Board Overview

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MicroSD Block Functional Diagram

  • Micro SD Socket - Insert Micro SD card here. Block does appropriate card detection and level shifting.

  • Expansion Header - The 70-pin Expansion header breaks out the functionality of the Intel Edison. This header also passes signals and power throughout the stack. These function much like an Arduino Shield.

Using the microSD Block

To use the microSD Block, attach an Intel Edison to the back of the board, or add it to your current stack. Blocks can be stacked without hardware, but it leaves the expansion connectors unprotected from mechanical stress.

alt text

microSD Block Installed

We have a nice Hardware Pack available that gives enough hardware to secure three blocks and an Edison.

alt text

NOTE: The microSD Breakout Block does not have console access or a power supply. It is recommended to use a console communication block in conjunction with this block like ones found in the General Guide to Sparkfun Blocks for Intel Edison.

The simplest way to use the microSD Block is to boot your Edison stack with the card already installed. While booting, the Edison will automatically find and mount the SD card to the following directory. To see what's inside, type the following.

cd /media/sdcard/

To safely unmount the SD card for removal, enter the following command.

umount /media/sdcard

To insert a card after boot, simply insert the card. The Edison should automatically detect and mount the card.

Resources and Going Further

Now that you have had a brief overview of the microSD Block, take a look at some of these other tutorials. These tutorials cover programming, Block stacking, and interfacing with the Intel Edison ecosystems.

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