Sound Location with the Qwiic Sound Trigger and the u-blox ZED-F9x

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Hardware Connections

  • Solder a 6-way row of header pins to the Qwiic Sound Trigger so you can access the TRIG pin.
  • Please see the Data Logging Hookup Guide
  • Insert the Artemis Processor into the MicroMod Data Logging Carrier Board and secure with the screw.
  • Connect your ZED-F9P GNSS breakout to the Carrier Board using a Qwiic cable.
  • Connect an antenna to your GNSS board. The antenna must have a clear view of the sky. Extend and feed the cable through a window if you need to.
  • Insert a formatted micro-SD card into the socket on the Carrier Board.
  • Connect the Qwiic Sound Trigger to the ZED-F9P using a second Qwiic cable.
  • Use a jumper cable to connect the TRIG pin on the Qwiic Sound Trigger to the INT pin on the ZED-F9P breakout.
  • Connect the Carrier Board to your computer using a USB-C cable.

Pictured is the Qwiic Sound Trigger connected to the ZED-F9P and Micro Mod data logging carrier board

To minimise I2C bus errors, it is a good idea to open the I2C pull-up split pad links on the MicroMod Data Logging Carrier Board and the u-blox module breakout and the Qwiic Sound Trigger.