smôl ZOE-M8Q Hookup Guide

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If the smôl ZOE-M8Q does not appear to be working, have you remembered to pull its GPIO0 signal low to enable the power? By default, power for the ZOE-M8Q is disabled. Pulling GPIO0 low enables the power.

If you are connecting to the smôl ZOE-M8Q via the smôl Header - without a Processor Board - you will need to tie the correct GPIO signal to GND with a jumper wire.

The Molex Flexible GNSS Antenna - u.FL is designed to work without a ground plane. It works best when positioned at least 40mm away from a ground plane. You will get little or no signal if: you stick the antenna to a metal enclosure, or position the antenna close to your battery or circuit boards. Position the antenna in clear space for best results. Please refer to the antenna Application Specification for more details.

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